Surgery Closures

To enable us to improve the services we offer patients the practice will close early at 12:30pm on the  dates listed below, to allow time for staff training, significant event, complaint and suggestion review meetings.

Please collect any prescriptions before 12:30.

Emergency cover will be available and can be contacted by telephoning the practice on 01594 820820, if your problem cannot wait until the practice re-opens at 08:30 the following morning.

Repeat prescription turnaround may take slightly longer around the afternoon closure dates.

Our planned 2021 scheduled closures are:

  • Tuesday 19th January
  • Wednesday 24th February
  • Thursday 25th March
  • Tuesday 20th April 2021
  • Wednesday 26th May
  • Thursday 24th June
  • Tuesday 13th July
  • Wednesday 22nd September
  • Thursday 21st October
  • Tuesday 16th November
  • Wednesday 8th December