In order that we maintain confidentiality, we are only able to discuss details of a patient’s medical record and care with a patient themselves, registered carers, or parents/guardians of patients under 16 years of age, within reason at a doctor’s discretion.

Where a doctor perceives a patient under 16 is mature enough and able to understand advice sought and given, they are under obligation to maintain confidentiality. No information can be given to any other person without a patient’s written consent. It is the responsibility of patients to notify us if any details provided change with regards to consent.

A practice GP partner has the right to decide that confidentiality cannot be maintained if they believe that a patient may be put medically at risk or are unable to understand advice or treatment available.

At times it is difficult for sensitive information to be shared confidentially with a receptionist in the reception area. If necessary please advise the receptionist of a need to speak to a member of the support team in private and every effort will be made to find a room free for this to happen. Everyone working for the practice has a duty to keep information about you confidential.